With the deployment of intelligent solutions in their city for the past 30 years, Copenhagen is quickly becoming a leader in smart city technology, enriching citizen experiences and improving operational efficiencies. Electronic government (or e-Government) is the application of Information and Communication Technologies to government functions and procedures to increase efficiency, transparency, and citizen participation.

Municipalities have a unique direct interaction with citizens. The relationship between municipalities and their citizens is unavoidable: business registrations, auto registry, real state development, or even the subscription of a child in a school, for instance – all require citizens to come in contact with the municipality. The local e-Government objective is to create a new dynamic relationship between governments and citizens: a cycle that will become simpler and more participative for citizens. To achieve this, it is important to introduce technology in the conventional tasks of the municipality and public sector management, with public citizens and their needs being the focal point of this innovation. Copenhagen Base is a public database with crowdsourcing options for useful local information accessible via the Internet and via text-TV.

The appropriate application of national e-Government allows for higher levels of effectiveness and efficiency in governmental tasks, improvement of processes and procedures, increases the quality of public services, also improves the use of information in the decision-making processes, and allows for better communication among different governmental offices.

City infrastructure digitization improves citizen experiences, expands e-Parking services, and reduces carbon emission, making Copenhagen the place where new businesses want to invest and where new residents want to move. This enables more intelligent use of the city’s existing resources and improves how they deliver services to the growing number of citizens, commuters, and tourists who use the city. This creates a massive attraction for new business investments and entrepreneurs. Related to this is also the development in the field of guides for entrepreneurship.

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