Australian Government business portal as a whole-of-government website provides essential information on planning, starting, and growing your business. Via national portal works e-Procurement services. E-procurement is the process of buying and selling supplies and services over the Internet. It differs from e-commerce because it uses a supplier’s closed system, typically available only to registered users. When appropriately implemented, e-procurement opens the lines of communication between a company and a supplier by creating a direct link and facilitating interactions such as bids, purchase orders, and emails. E-procurement services solutions are specifically tailored for buyers, sellers, distributors, and business supply chain management to increase efficiency, reduce costs, gain visibility and control and scale their business to any level at an affordable price.

In recent years, the PARK(ing) Day helps challenge how citizens think about urban spaces, aiming to encourage people to reduce car dependency and instead consider public and active travel modes. This aligns with Council’s Transport Plan for Brisbane – Strategic Directions, which recognizes the need for motorists to reduce reliance on private vehicle travel to improve Brisbane’s sustainability, improve e-parking, environment, air quality, and liveability.

Key Activities: e-Parking, e-Government services, mobile services, e-Procurement services via the national portal, virtual communities




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