To pursue the long-term goal of becoming one of the most leading smart cities globally, a smart city wheel and its 62 indicators are used to help New Taipei City be smarter. The Wheel constitutes six categories: smart government, smart mobility, smart economy, smart environment, smart living, and smart people. New Taipei City is proud of its valuable practices in urban sustainability, one-step solution service, and citizen participation. Through the use of big data analysis, service integration, the various real-time Apps, and other applications.

To build up a smart government, the government integrated all public services into a one-step solution to offer its citizens related public service online wherever they are. The excellent use of an ICF-based security system that monitors traffic on the streets not only helps citizens to get the real-time traffic situation on roads but also offers alternative ways to avoid traffic jams. To lead the environment smarter, the smart illumination of LED street lights has been used, and the cost-saving on electronic bills makes the project penniless. The diverse levels and themes for various topics can suit the needs of book lovers. Also, a 24-hour library with a smart way of electronic management system severs citizens to borrow or return books at any time. More technology use in the real classroom is under construction.

Key Activities: intelligent transportation, e-parking, 3D website for virtual tours, public e-Services, e-Future classroom



Unity of soul and mind making good decisions
The mind has a will but is incapable of controlling external intention. The soul is able to feel its identity with external intention but has no will.
The unity of soul and mind is the path to happiness
The unity of soul and mind is so rare that it can literally be sold profitably. All masterpieces of culture and art are the essence of unity.




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