With the rapid urbanization in China, the country faces significant challenges in sustainable urban development and actively explores novel ways to expand urban areas while conserving natural resources. Radical changes in city planning are being made to switch to sustainable development, with new cities being designed to be ecologically friendly guided by principles like carbon neutrality and selfsufficiency. If this vision of a sustainable city is successfully realized, Dongtan will serve as a model for developing similar cities across China and the rest of the developing world. Dongtan eco-city’s planning and preliminary development have generated significant enthusiasm for green buildings and influenced plans for other sustainable urban development projects in China. An eco-city aims to achieve sustainable development within the carrying capacity of local ecosystems through changing the production mode, consumption behavior, and decision instruments based on ecological economics and systems engineering.
Smart grid is a primary focus for society due to the increasing energy consumption. Many existing smart grid solutions have been discussed as electricity grids worldwide remain outdated and inefficient. The study on the smart grid with the theory of the business ecosystem may open opportunities to understanding market catalysts. Smart grid infrastructure is an intricate business ecosystem with several intentions to deliver the value proposition and what it should be.

Key Activities: Eco services like smart grids, energy/water/waste smart management, green buildings






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