The Manhattan Harbour Project in tiny Dayton, Kentucky, is set to transform this river city. Manhattan Harbour’s concept began in the mid-2000s. Manhattan Harbour, a residential community envisioned along the Ohio River in Dayton, is spearheading this ambitious project, including 2,000 residential units (in a city currently home to 6,000), 30 to 40 small restaurants, a marina, walking trails, a concert area, and office space. The picturesque private river walk follows a peaceful stretch of the Ohio River, which has gathering spots — both small and large — to entice people to come together and enjoy the views. The swimming pool and dog run are also popular places where residents gather. Wide hallways in the apartment buildings encourage casual visits between neighbors, and the apartments have 280cm ceilings and open floorplans, making the spaces feel welcoming. About 35 percent of the 140-acre development would be green space. The plan has already attracted the attention of a South Korean tech firm that wants to use smart technology. Near the Manhattan, Harbour development is 11 miles of new walking trails, dining, shopping, and boating.

Key Activities: Intelligent Buildings, Ubiquitous computing

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