IEEE Annual Green Technologies 1 April 2020 Oklahoma City, USA long

In 2020, the IEEE Green Technologies Conference arrives in vibrant Oklahoma City for the first time. Centrally located in the US, Oklahoma City is known for great Southern cuisine, Midwestern hospitality, and a flair for the Wild West culture.

The IEEE Green Technologies Conference (GreenTech) was conceived to address one of the most pressing challenges of our time which is in securing green and clean energy sources for the 21st century to protect the environment.

How do we provide reliable energy demanded by an environmentally sensitive world using all our energy resources in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner?

This conference attempts to draw insights and encourage collaboration from many disciplines and backgrounds to address these challenges of Green and clean energy sources added to the energy mix but also see challenges to the energy grid operations requiring active management of all the available energy sources to help build a resilient power grid.   The 12th Annual IEEE Green Technology Conference hopes are to draw insights and encourage collaboration from the many disciplines with industrial collaborators in addressing these challenges.

The 2020 IEEE Green Technologies Conference theme is “Collaborative Technologies”

Collaboration or networking is the goal to increase efficiency and improve quality of life by creating systems that reduce costs and improve services through networking, incorporating techniques from sensing to analytics, and leveraging the technologies of the Internet, wireless, and virtualization to deliver scalable, trusted and reliable energy. So review our Call for Papers (CFPs) and participate as an individual or a corporation.

The IEEE Green Technologies Conference provides an open forum for Engineers, Academia, and the Industrial Community, which is Researchers, Innovators, and Regulators, from around the world to collaborate on the development and deployment of sustainable technologies which are environmentally friendly.  Interested individuals from around the world are invited to participate in developing and applying Technological solutions to a number of global concerns.

Media reports on rising CO2 levels in the world causing climate issues.  Global dependence on finite fossil fuels for energy production and transportation, much of which comes from unstable countries, continues to result in wildly fluctuating energy expenses.  Green Technologies can be a backbone to solve many concerns to help stabilize energy needs in the world.

The global development and use of large-scale wind, solar voltaic, and solar thermal farms, plus biomass and water production, is being utilized to convert to sustainable electrical energy and is displacing conventional electrical generation.  So now, the forecasting of weather has taken on new urgency in support of efficient use of all technologies to support the reliability in the use of Green technologies. To provide a reliable electrical grid, we must not only meet the current and projected loads but review energy generation, usage, and storage in support of the newer infrastructure.


Researchers have provided the development and deployment of newer storage technologies.  This is evident with the replacement of buses and cars that use fossil fuels with vehicles that use improved battery technologies.  These newer competing battery technologies resulted in higher energy storage densities to make electrical usage feasible.

Batteries are the most recognized electrical energy storage technology today. Lithium-Ion batteries support multiple applications from computers, transportation, and just in general large-scale energy storage.

The storage of solar energy by the conversion of biomass is a fairly new technology.  Conversion of biomass material to synthetic natural gas and fuel pellets provides energy storage as an application of Green Technologies in replacing the use of fuel oil and the felling of forests.

The Green Technologies conference was developed and deployed to support the local and global communities to remain independent.  Regulators play an important role in determining energy expenses with the use of infrastructure, metered energy usage, outages, and production in support of customer services in general, community safety so we need them involved too.

The 12th annual Green Technologies Conference presents a continuing opportunity to support the collaboration of Green Technologies.  We seek your support by providing an opportunity to make a difference in the world by sharing innovative ideas.

Patrons, Exhibitors, and Supporters Schedule For the 2020 Green Tech Conference

The IEEE Oklahoma City Section is pleased to host the IEEE Green Technologies Conference, Region 5 student competitions, and support an Engineering Job Fair for students and IEEE members. Approximately 400 Engineers, Researchers, Innovators, and Engineering Students from around the world will be attending the 2020 IEEE Green Technologies Conference and IEEE Student Activities.

This 12th annual IEEE Green Technical Conference provides a forum for government, industry, and research experts to collaborate and present innovative approaches on future framework, plans, and technological solutions for moving towards a Green Technology Focus.

The academic papers presented at the IEEE Green Technologies Conference are judged on their quality, research, sustainable designs, and applications related to Green Technologies. The best papers shall be included in the conference proceeding then published in IEEE Explore.

In addition to renewables, Green Technology topics include:

  • Energy Generation, Storage, Management, Conservation, and Usage Reduction
  • Smart Grids, Systems, Cities, Villages, and Infrastructures
  • Sustainable IT Computing and Software Engineering
  • Biomedical and Biotechnology Solutions
  • Radar/Weather Forecasting, Planning, and Engineering for Wind and Solar Solutions

The Job fair will occur Friday and is targeted towards the Region 5 student participants, and local students, and members. This is a great opportunity for companies to mingle with the best and brightest students for their internship and employee needs.

The IEEE Region 5 Saturday meeting consists of an administrative meeting of IEEE Region 5 volunteers, as well as training and educational activities interspersed with contests for Undergraduate students (Paper, Robotics, Ethics, and a Circuit Design).

IEEE Region 5 consists of Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Colorado, and parts of Wyoming, New Mexico, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Illinois. I thank you very much for your kind consideration to participate as a Patron, Exhibitor, or Supporter. If you make a contribution, we will make it known to our attendees.

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