5G Network Commercial Service


Development of 5G technologies


South Korea has officially launched its commercial 5G network infrastructure. The country’s largest telecommunications company launched the new service in Seoul, six other metropolitan areas and isolated areas.
The first 5G subscriber was Lota, a robot equipped with artificial intelligence. Korea Telecom plans to expand its national 5G network to 24 major cities and is targeting key transportation routes such as highways, subways, high-speed railroads, and major
universities and shopping districts.
South Korea’s commercial 5G network is expected to generate at least $30.3 billion in 2025, representing 1.5 percent of the country’s GDP. According to
KT projections, that number will rise to at least $47.8 billion in 2030, representing 2.1 percent of GDP


State and citizens: improving connectivity

December 13, 2018 Project Launch

5G technologies






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