Implementing a 5G network at an energy equipment plant


In September 2020, electrical equipment manufacturer Schneider Electric, operator Orange and telecommunications equipment manufacturer Nokia announced the deployment of a 5G network at a factory in Le Vaudreuil, France. The joint project kicked off in March and aims to test the use of 5G to create scalable solutions for future industry needs.

Five 5G stations were installed inside the plant, providing nearly 2,000 square meters of mobile Internet coverage with download speeds of 1 Gbps. The test was conducted under two scenarios: the use of AR in the work of maintenance technicians and remote control of the robot.

The first scenario used Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor application. It allows data and virtual objects to be overlaid either on individual equipment or the entire plant. Using an app installed on 5G-connected tablets, a technician points a camera at the equipment and receives data on its condition and required maintenance.

The second scenario involved controlling an AXYN robot connected to the 5G network. It is planned that the robot will be used to organize virtual visits to the facility. 5G allows high-quality video to be transmitted with minimal delay, facilitating the interaction between the person controlling the robot and the accompanying factory worker.


The implementation of a 5G network reduces equipment downtime, minimizes maintenance errors, and allows for remote inspection of plant facilities.


September 2020. project announcement




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