2022, March, New Delhi, Smart Cities India – Experience Transformative Technologies – Smart Cities India expo has been actively driving India’s infrastructure revolution and constantly makes efforts towards the Smart Cities Mission by featuring EV Zone, Urban Freight Zone, Smart Cities Awards, FinTech India Innovation Awards, Smart Health Pavilion & Startup India Pavilion.

The expo focuses on key areas including IoT, Integrated Command Control Centres (ICCCs), e-Governance, Communication systems, Data storage and Management, Innovative urban planning practices, Green buildings, Solar energy, Logistics, Clean Environment, and Water, and many more.

Smart Cities India

The Smart Cities expo integrates transformative technologies with the key pillars of Urban Development, i.e. Green Buildings, Clean Energy & Transport, Clean Environment, and Water, for optimizing resources and making cities Smart and Sustainable.

Since its inception in 2015, the Smart Cities India expo has evolved into the largest Expo & Conference on the subject in Asia. The event is a carefully curated platform to enable deeper communication and a more practical approach to solving urban issues and offers business opportunities for organizations working towards making smart cities a reality. Join us, and Accelerate Nation Building at India’s Largest Technology & Infrastructure event.

Urban Freight Zone Showcasing Transformative Technologies

The Urban Freight zone is a part of the industry-leading Smart Cities India 2022 Expo & Transport India expo. The Smart Cities series of expos is a reflection of India’s emerging modernization and development landscape. In a pursuit to ‘Building a Digital and Smart India,’ the expo integrates transformative technologies with key pillars of Urban Development, with the aim of optimizing resources and making cities Smart and Sustainable. Since its inception in 2015, the Smart Cities India expo has evolved into the largest Expo & Conference on the matter in Asia. The international B2B trade event is a carefully curated platform to enable better communication and a pragmatic approach towards solving urban issues and offers business opportunities for government departments, institutions, and organizations working towards making Smart Cities a reality.

Startup India Pavilion & Conclave

India is the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world, with 26,000+ startups across the country. It is estimated that India will have over 1,00,000 startups by the year 2025. The Government of India has been aggressively promoting startup entities and has created a “fund of funds” initiative of Rs 10,000 crore.

“I see startups, technology, and innovation as exciting and effective instruments for India’s transformation,’’ said Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India.

In support of the Indian Government’s commitment to boost startups, Exhibitions India Group announced that the 7th Smart Cities India 2022 expo will host 100+ startups in a dedicated pavilion during the expo. The startups will display solutions from the realm of smart cities (ICT), intelligent buildings, cleantech, health tech, smart energy, transportation, water management, and more.

Smart Cities India expo organized by Exhibitions India Group has developed into the largest trade fair and conference in Asia on the subject. The expo attracts the attention of government leaders, city administrators, public enterprises, urban planners, architects, healthcare experts, social groups, influential individuals, and industry experts. The expo also finds interest among representatives and diplomats from several countries, ICT, and other tech organizations. Furthermore, the expo is of interest to builders, civil engineers, representatives from renewable energy, transportation, and water industries, and all other disciplines involved in improving city infrastructure, relevant to creating an efficient and sustainable future.

City Leaders Conclave

The pandemic resulted in widespread turbulence across the world. As part of an emergency response to the pandemic, the Indian government leveraged its Smart Cities Mission (SCM) to enable cities to effectively leverage technology in improving citizen services and overall quality of life. Being future-ready is the aim of India’s SCM. Indian cities witnessed a mammoth challenge in containing the virus while ensuring the safety and security of their citizens. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the existing smart city models proved their agility and ability to handle the challenge in executing various projects where use of technologies in cities, waste and sludge treatment, energy saving, low carbon transport systems, command control systems. proved to be helpful.

Even in the face of a public health crisis, social unrest, massive budget shortfalls, and mounting climate disasters, the city leaders are innovating and taking bold steps to tackle their cities’ most pressing challenges. The City Leaders have employed new ideas and tools, in a very short time, leaving no scope for trials and errors. While responding to an unknown crisis of this scale, cities have strived to maintain the delicate balance between life and economic well-being as both ultimately meant the same thing precious human lives had to be saved at all costs, and the quality of life of its citizens has to be improved.

The task of City Leaders to steer and shape their city’s destiny has never been so crucial and ‘City Leaders Conclave’ is designed to hear directly from our City Leaders about their experiences, challenges, way forward. How different Smart Cities Mission 2.0 will be from 1st phase? How can we work on a collaboration approach more effectively? How the mission is comforting industry participation? What can we do to make Indian cities more investor-friendly?

Smart Cities India 2022 Awards

Smart Cities India 2022 Awards is a unique platform designed to felicitate, recognize and encourage individuals, policymakers, companies, municipalities, government bodies, and associations to illuminate the work done across both urban and rural sectors. The Awards Ceremony marks the grand finale of the 3-day expo.

Exhibitor Profile The Smart Cities India expo is a reflection of India’s emerging modernization and development landscape. The expo is the ultimate platform to accelerate nation-building, open key discourses on the growth of India’s digital economy and enable entrepreneurship as a driving force for socio-economic development. The event attracts a large turnout of qualified visitors & delegates from government departments as well as private organizations.

  • Connected / Autonomous vehicles
  • Digital India: IT and Communications
  • Disaster management
  • e-Governance: G2C / G2B /G2G
  • Energy: 24×7 clean energy; solar energy; energy storage; smart grids
  • Geographical information systems (GIS)
  • Green buildings: Energy, water, and material efficiency; water harvesting; recycling and waste reduction; improved indoor air quality; etc.
  • Heritage cities
  • Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC)
  • Make in India: Smart manufacturing
  • Mobility: Two; three and four wheel vehicles: EVs / HEVs / Fuel cells / Hydrogen / Alternative fuels, etc.
  • Plan and build new smart cities
  • Potable water: Domestic and commercial usage
  • Retrofit existing cities
  • Safety, security and surveillance
  • Sanitation: Toilets for all
  • Semiconductors
  • Sensors
  • Smart aerotropolis; military enclaves; ports; railway stations; etc.
  • Smart buildings: Energy saving; water harvesting; recycling (water and waste); IT & Communications; HVAC; automation; connected devices; smart lighting; smart appliances; elevators; fire & safety; etc.
  • Smart education: Skilling India
  • Smart health: Health for all
  • Smart parking
  • Special economic zones (SEZ’s); industrial parks; IT parks; townships; etc.
  • Sustainable environment: Air, land and water pollution controls
  • Traffic control rooms
  • Urban mobility and public transport: bus / rail / metro / mono rail, etc.
  • Urban planning: City planners / architects / buildings / skywalks / walkways / cycle tracks / BRTs / parks / play-grounds / hospitals / educational institutions / street lighting, etc.

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