Following practices give you an opportunity to release stress and continuity to stay in the current reality. It may look strange if you never practice this, but I have tried it on myself. It works. Breathing release stress and allow you to better focusing – even if you don’t meditate, it will allow you to slow down your hurry life. Grounding makes you closer to the connection with the earth and it’s another practice to slow down. The rest practice needs more time, but after 30 days you will feel a significant change in how you live, and how you serve the people around you.


10 minutes breath – 4 seconds inhouse, 6 seconds exhaust – to your stomach. This will help you to calm down your stress, and relax your mind. During breathing concentrate only on the wind blowing inside your body and outside. When any thought comes to your mind, immediately release it – try to not think.


Get touch with the ground – lightly jump up with a totally relaxed body during jump down. try to feel totally relaxed, like a puppet that’s fully released, and the move is made by pulling strings.


Concentrate on something in the room you stay, watch on it without thinking about it – don’t make associations, don’t think about that. Try to unfocus your eyes – still watching on it. Search for the unknown, without any additional thoughts.


Be blissful before the dream – thank for the day, thank you for the positive situations of the day that make you happy as well for the worse and uncomfortable situations of the day that teach you something new – that gave you a new experience of life. Think about what gets well and what gets bad – learn from it and thank you for it.


Start to eat food with DNA that’s far away from your own. The DNA of meeting is closer to the human DNA, on the other side the vegetable DNA is far from your DNA. After a few days, you will feel easier, your concentration will be easier and you will become to have much more energy.

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