My name is Laco, I am an entrepreneur, husband, further, and I am the author of this publication. I do this Absurdystan project as part of the long-term roadmap – the research of the digital interface between singularity and synergy.

laco vencel author of absurdystan publication

I have spent my life in a balance between creativity and technology. I made a pretty nice career managing millions of dollar size IT projects for international corporations. Despite I have been always tagged as the “manager”, I always felt more like the “artist”. Artist of interaction – using charisma, analytical and strategical skills to execute my personal, or project needs. I spent about 20 years of professional life in countries of Asia, Arabia, Africa, Russia, and a few European countries.

I grew up with technologies and computers – since the Commodore 64, I have had a huge interest in information technologies, and these days, I pretty well know how computers, software, databases, networks, and the whole 0 and 1 infrastructure work and how elements in digital infrastructure communicate. Despite I grew up in a strong common sense and math logic sphere, I am extremely open-minded to philosophic studies and alternative scenarios of anything in work, or in life.

I have no special education except huge enthusiasm to learn. I just passed an extreme ride of 25 years of bohemian lifestyle by doing things that I loved. Since 1996 when started my “punky” years and a few years of experience with psychedelic drugs. Later passed through a hard-rock musician career – the time of endless parties of life. After, I moved to the corporate business – the time of creative self-organization and grew up to the latest period in professional management in an executive position in an international bank.

Whole my life I have had a controversial meaning about people, or better say, about the human population in general. I have got a chance to see, read, listen, and feel enough to think that our physical body is just a biomechanical tool to power our brain that generates a single value of a sense of our being – our experience through creativity. Yes, I think about people from the perspective of the universe, but also I take care of slides of our current variable of reality in which we live our daily lives. Including attention to evolution, inventions, development, science, and our knowledge.

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Deliberately ignore negative situations
Try to find the positive in every negative situation. Wake up at unpleasant circumstances, assess the importance, and change your attitude.
Raise the question rather than to make assumption
Often we create the assumption that our relatives know what we are thinking and that we don't need to say what we actually want.

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