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The crisis of our world is not 

social, religious, or economic

Our crisis is the crisis of consciousness. Our impossibility to feel our core 

nature and see this nature in every one of us and in all things around us.


The vision of a perfect algorithm.

Absurdystan Prologue
An alternative study of our civilization strategy about the population’s evolution and mandatory requirements for human life sustainability.
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laco vencel author of absurdystan publication
About the Author
Transformation of a civilized community into an education-based community via research of digital interface between singularity and synergy.
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Drivers of our existence absurdystan publication
Drivers of our existence
We continuously evolve. In our model of understanding, we can say that we are evolving from super-stupid to super-smart.
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vision perfect algorithm absurdystan publication
Vision of the perfect algorithm
Today consumption is the absolute value of modern society. It is necessary to find the Perfect Algorithm for solving this
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ideology of happy people absurdystan publication
The ideology of happy people
Action-oriented joyful people are using knowledge, education, advanced technology, and a new vector of thinking.
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consumption-driven versus education-driven economy absurdystan publication
Consumption-driven vs. Education-driven economy
Consumption is a disease of society. Let's look at the problem solving in (un)developed countries focusing on the education-driven economy.
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Absurdystan My personal obsession on the Secret
My personal obsession on the Secret
I had a personal Life Transforming experience that made me see a new perspective on a future life path changing
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Absurdystan Blessed or foolish. Does not matter
Blessed or foolish. Does not matter.
We are able to find the single source of truth. To do so, first, we need to transform ourselves and
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big bang – the connection of everything with the single point
The Initial Aum (Aum, Logos, Big Bang)
Om or Aum is the basic sound of the Universe, confirming our connection to it. Human words may regain their
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Prayers to the God – the Universe – the universal symbol of its existence and our acceptance
Nada Brahma
The energetic field is the connection between our inner and outer worlds, the source of spiritual experience and knowledge.
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In every water drop, you can see a mirror picture of all other drops around it
The Akasha
The modern conception of fractals helps us understand Akasha as the initial substance. The Akasha is the space of everything.
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Ensemble de Mandelbrot turned to the position of visualisation of Buddha – Buddhabrot
Ensemble de Mandelbrot
Mandelbrot’s fractals completely changed the point of view of mathematics to understanding the Universe and how the Universe works.
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Visualization of the brain thoughts marked by magnetoencephalogram on Princeton University
Contemplation is a kind of inner vision, the act of creation in an irrational way when the mind begins to
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vibrations of brain absurdystan publication
Our vibration is the energy we broadcast to the outside world or attract to ourselves. All things come from the
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Sound visualisation by Chladni’s experiment with sand and violin fiddlestick
Forcing creation of matter
Moving principles of the Universe based on analysis of waves. Starting by sound, the logos, at the moment missing the
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reciprocal communication within this triangle – I, You, and Him – reveal my individual identity
Triangle as a Trinity
By analyzing our personal inner world, we can see a more thin energy. Self Identity of an individual is revealed
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Budhisattva was the first person who succeeded in waking up to the nature of Buddha inside himself
The understanding that only one consciousness exists. There is only one me and you, and others up to the singularity
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Golden key – the key of the root of every part of the universe
The Golden Key
The Universe works by unbelievable, mysterious mechanisms and obeys its own particular laws, which are limited mind cannot comprehend.
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The spiral form of the Milky Way galaxy
The characteristic of Spiral is that every part is a reflection of the whole. It is the symbol-focused cosmic energy
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The golden ratio
Golden ratio
By Platon, all spirits of the Universe are linked by a single harmonic resonance. Uniqueness φ means it can be
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Looks like living matter – aluminum growing on silver with powering elements by electricity
The “Li” Liology
In ancient China, the knowledge about the templates of Nature was known as “Li”. Li explains the existing order and
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network of nadia absurdystan publication
The Network of Nadia
When we consciously allow energy to move through us by the state of zero resistance and calmness, our physical connection
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Kundalini – the initial spiral dancing inside our existence – knowledge of the universe
The Illusion of life
When the process of identifying ourselves with our thoughts is lower, the personal path is more in balance with the
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Absurdystan Hidden knowledge
Hidden knowledge
Knowledge Base hides in the most visible place – inside us. Finding a balance between inner and outer will allow
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snake and lotos absurdystan strategy
The snake and the Lotos
Symbol of reaching spiritual enlightenment and full potential versus symbol of snake managing the human wishes.
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Pituitary Gland Hypophysis MRI Scan (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) – anatomy of human brain
Pineal gland or hypophysis
The Master gland picks up electromagnetic fields from absolutely all Universe dimensions, allowing access to spiritual and subtle fields.
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Scored seven chakra points
Kundalini activation
Kundalini Awakening allows us to see the inner light and restore human evolution functions by improving the life force.
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Fractal flower visualization of the Akasha – the quantum field
Cognize the energy around the awakened existence leading to the knowledge of God’s word inside yourself and the field of
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Field of akasha visualized by Jantra system of the data model
Yantra is the outer presentation of the inner process of spiritual growth that works thanks to the power of fractals.
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Metaphor on the subject of dreams, mind, spirituality, imagination, and inner world
Life, freedom, and aspiration for happiness
Realizing that the world's inner energy is something alive and existing in our inner nature leads us to find true
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Absurdystan Beyond thinking
Beyond thinking
Our thinking and actions should be brought again into the balance of being and collaborate with hearts, joined again to
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Silhouette of a human inside the universe
We can create a new type of reality perception at the deepest level of thinking when only the perception of
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Absurdystan Humility
How to live in a state when consciousness is not in conflict with its content? Acceptance of reality as it
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Quantum field of Akasha visualization of the universe self-organization of universe data
Universe energy
The direct way of self-analysis allows to direct the mind to the depths of the heart and thus learn bliss
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Absurdystan Population expansion history
Population expansion history
Surveillance of the global population with the birth rate itself is a fascinating topic. Are our planet's resources being depleted?
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Absurdystan Over Consuming Civilization Collapse
Over Consuming Civilization Collapse
Consuming Aberration is a serious disease of our Civilization that is changing the planet and decreasing the probability of sustaining
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over-consumtion of water absurdystan publication
Consumption of Water
Over-population, depletion of food and water resources are part of the same problem. Is water becoming one of the most
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sustainable smart cities absurdystan publication
Sustainable Smart Cities
Cities development and innovation increase the level of comfort of people living in these cities and comfort increase people consciousness.
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economics and politics absurdystan publication
Economics and Politics
Securing Earth's future needs prudent, long-term decisions from global policy-making and assuming a new political system of united nations.
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change as challenge absurdystan publication
Change is the Challenge
The main challenge for humanity is, undoubtedly, to survive and keep the natural balance on the planet and increase our
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The Knowledge Base absurdystan strategy
The Knowledge Base
Synergy and singularity symbiosis provides the greatest possible unlocking of humanity’s shared spiritual and digital knowledge potential.
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Absurdystan Transformation of knowledge via Smart Cities
Transformation of knowledge via Smart Cities
The idea of inclusiveness, transformation, and sustainability are reference points in smart cities' development to changing the economy.
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Absurdystan System transformation toward spiritual journey
System transformation toward spiritual journey
We need to focus on a spiritual journey and the opportunity to change the point of view on the continuing
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mind transformation absurdystan publication
Mind Transformation
The competition of human values, increasing intuitive perception's level, and education transformation should be taking over in society.
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Absurdystan The Role of Media
The Role of Media
Technological expansion with media influence changes human perceptions of the world and places us in a new virtual environment.
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using propaganda smarter way for education absurdystan strategy
Using Propaganda in a Smarter Way
By carrying out the right propaganda to reduce consumption, the transformation of the consciousness of being in society is starting.
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methods of propaganda absurdystan publication
Methods of Propaganda
With the current level of technology and media, the Propaganda through the Overton Window method is working the most efficiently.
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propaganda use cases absurdystan strategy
Propaganda Methods Use Cases
How to extract completely alien ideas for society from the trash can of public contempt, dust them off, and eventually
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Absurdystan Akashic Library vs. Human Data
The akashic library vs. human data
Author thoughts about the connection of the human mind with a quantum field - the field of Akasha. Data visualization.
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electro-encephalogram absurdystan publication
About electro-encephalogram
In the future, the communication with the computer will be operated directly by the human brain's forced impulses.
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to be continued
To be continued
A new version of Absurdystan study every year, since 2014. I collect my own experiences as well feedback from you,
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