Welcome to a fancy place and take you to the world of innovation, cities, and consciousness people. Every topic is an autonomous guide and can open for you a different point of view. Enjoy your time!

Cities Innovation

Cities’ innovation area covers the infrastructure and social and digital maturity of cities. Rating of cities, regions, or countries. Every voice is important and makes a better picture of where is the comfort level of our life.

Conscious Citizens

People’s consciousness path and strategy of inner understanding of citizens as the part of cities’, countries’, world, and universe eco-structures. Rating of people’s consciousness, and personal and spiritual abilities.

Academy of Innovation is a “buzzwords” dictionary including technical, biology, sociology, and science. Dictionary brief you about the meaning of terms that lead to innovation-based discussions.About Smart Cities Academy of Innovation better

Academy of Smart cities takes you on a tour of global smart cities’ development history. Review cities and think in retrospective about the implementation that the city did in the particular year.
About Smart Cities Academy of Smart Cities better

Academy of wellbeing aims at promoting a culture of peace, friendship, intercultural dialogue, equality, and participation in the life of civil society via consciousness and inner world perspective.
About Smart Cities Academy of Wellbeing better

Academy of History map and organize government events and science inventions on a timeline, consisting of people who have distinguished themselves in the practice of World history.
About Smart Cities Academy of History better

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