Core management, departments
Research data collection
Collection of any kind of data from public and paid sources. We use a crawling mechanism that allows collecting data
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Process Automation
Automation is making the difference for great customer service. The increasing use of digital assistants shows customers are...
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Digital automation
Thanks to this service, you will get automated advertising, social networks, campaigns, communication, and other daily repeating digital...
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Professional marketing setup that will ensure the best possible promotion of your services and products. The complete marketing service.
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The presale service we offer will provide you with a contacting process to impress new customers via email, voice, and
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Information structure in the field of options
The structure of information is organized into chains of cause and effect. Causal links give rise to a flow of variation. Paths of least...
How works forcing procedure to begin a conflict
This is a simple and vivid picture of two parties swinging more and more strongly as they bump into each other. When war or revolution...
Multiple variables forming the illusion of matter
At each point in space, there is a variant of this or that event. To make it easier to understand, we will assume that the variant consists...

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