Market Research & Competition

Competition review, competition management, market share control mechanism

Research data collection
Collection of any kind of data from public and paid sources. We use a crawling mechanism that allows collecting data
New Markets Acquisition
All in one service for the acquisition of your product sales to a new market. First, we perform research, including
Data crawling
Crawling is searching for specific information in a huge volume of data and collecting required information in a local file.
Mystery shopping
We can say that mystery shopping is one of the market research methods, which primarily examines the qualitative characteristics...
Competitors research
Find direct and indirect competitors on a global market, or on a local market. Our crawling robots help you to
Competitive research
A digital market indicators analysis to research the company’s position on the digital market. Research is performed for local or
Economic research
Our research is performed based on country, industry, business sector, or a special topic. We use different global databases...
Market research
If you want to enter a new or foreign market, market research is the right foundation for your business plan.

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