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Target tree
The target tree is a technique for setting goals and its decomposition into tasks that are divided into even simpler
Business plan
A business plan – is a document containing structured technical, economic, financial, and organizational information on an investment or innovation
Global Marketing
Global Marketing – marketing of global organizations that operate by treating the entire world as one big market. It assumes
CPA Marketing
CPA Marketing – a marketing model that involves paying for a conversion action. CPA (Cost per Action) – an indicator
Demarketing – a type of marketing aimed at reducing demand among the entire target audience or certain groups of it.
Conversion marketing
Conversion marketing is a type of marketing activity. Which is associated with increasing consumer interest in goods and services with
Viral Marketing
Viral Marketing is a technique of conducting an advertising campaign in which the main disseminators of information about the company/service
Social media marketing
Social media marketing – It is a modern tool of Internet marketing, which helps to attract consumers through social networks.
Video Marketing
Video Marketing is a set of actions aimed at promoting products, services, or brands of the company with the help
Crowd marketing
Crowd marketing – it is a technology of covert marketing on the Internet by means of response-recommendations on forums, blogs,
Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is a type of performance marketing that works on a partner basis. This is a partner – a
Search Engine Result Page
Search Engine Result Page – search engine results page. By entering a query into the search box, the user will
The report is made as a summary of the results of the work performed for a certain period. It can
Remarketing is targeting your ad campaigns to users who have previously visited your website. Ads are shown to users who
SEM Search Engine Marketing
Search Marketing or Search Engine Marketing is one of the most widespread forms of advertising on the Internet. It uses
Performance marketing
This is a form of marketing that aims to improve sales, inquiries, or other measurable activities on your site. There
A newsletter is typically an email that the business regularly sends to inform customers about news or discounts. It is
Target group
Target group – a specific idea of the client on whom the advertising campaign should be focused. It is determined
Press conference
A press conference is an event organized to communicate information to the media and the public. This could be, for
Online marketing
Online marketing is a collective term for marketing activities in the Internet environment. As a field, it includes a number
Brand mark
brand mark – the brand is a symbolic name for all information related to a product. Includes organization name, promotional
Crisis communication
Crisis communication is an essential element in the field of Public Relations. It solves all situations that may damage the
Barter – the company offers its product in exchange for space in the media (on social networks, radio, or television).
Public relations
Public relations is a set of long-term activities through which a company builds and maintains relations with its surroundings and
Marketing mix
A marketing mix is a set of marketing tools that interact with each other. The basic marketing mix is 4P
A webinar is online training. The participant does not have to go to any special place. All she needs is
A youtuber is a person who creates content on the Youtube platform. Today, YouTubers are very popular and have a
Search Engine Optimization (SEO part of Search Marketing) consists of a better display of pages in search engine results (SERP)
Marketing strategy
Marketing strategy is a long-term process that aims to set the company’s marketing goals, fulfill the vision, and create a
Google Analytics
Google Analytics is an application from Google that measures website traffic. With Google Analytics, you can track which marketing actions
Facebook marketing
Facebook marketing is a set of activities in which a company uses the Facebook social network as a channel of
Brand Awareness
Brand awareness is an indicator of how well your target audience knows the brand. A distinction is made between types
Linkbuilding is building backlinks. A search engine optimization method that raises brand awareness over the long term and brings visitors
An influencer is a person who has an influence (social or consumer) on his followers. Nowadays, this term is connected
Partner network development
Developing a partner network starts with the research of potential partners based on key phrases they use on their websites.
Chat-bots and Call-bots
We implement chat-bot scenarios. Customize for your language and configure engagement paths that catch customer focus.
Community Management
Great social media management comes from having the right team in place. With our expertise in recruitment and our network
Content Moderation
Content is a key opportunity but a major concern for​ digital platforms as well. Risks are known to emerge anytime,
Influencer Marketing
Struggling to establish yourself as a Linkedin influencer? We'll create content and provide outreach on your behalf so that...
Social network marketing
The professional setting of the campaign on social networks, thanks to which you will have a large enough impact on
Digital automation
Thanks to this service, you will get automated advertising, social networks, campaigns, communication, and other daily repeating digital...
Digital Activation
Our digital activation offers our clients more flexibility, transparency, and cost-efficiency by managing their campaigns while they focus..
Professional marketing setup that will ensure the best possible promotion of your services and products. The complete marketing service.
Communication plan
Preparation of yearly communication plan and scripts. Also, align plans with the sales cycle. Execute letters, calls, and maintain follow
Website SEO optimization
Using our services, you setup successful SEO for your website, including crawl accessibility so engines can read your website, compelling...
Content marketing support
Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content...
Copywriting service includes describing product value, word quality, avoiding stop words, and especially validation.
A “Persona” is a fictional representation of an actual user and is applied in the early stages of product development
Target audience
A target audience makes it easy for a business to find potential customers who are likely to be interested in

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