Business Relationships, Partnerships, internal flows
Market economy
Market economy- a set of economic relations that develop in the sphere of commodity-money relations on the market. The market
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Business plan
A business plan – is a document containing structured technical, economic, financial, and organizational information on an investment or innovation
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Demarketing – a type of marketing aimed at reducing demand among the entire target audience or certain groups of it.
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Social media marketing
Social media marketing – It is a modern tool of Internet marketing, which helps to attract consumers through social networks.
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Performance marketing
This is a form of marketing that aims to improve sales, inquiries, or other measurable activities on your site. There
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Direct marketing
Direct marketing is a method of marketing communication that uses direct communication with customers. It focuses on specific customers of
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Partner network development
Developing a partner network starts with the research of potential partners based on key phrases they use on their websites.
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Client profiling
Use proven methodology, SWOT analysis, and research including mystery shopping of your competitors to develop the profile of the primary...
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Upselling and cross-selling
Existing customers frequently represent an untapped source of value growth. Proactively engaging with existing customers to recommend...
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Customer onboarding
Our team will ensure that all clients are looked after. A Dedicated Sales Development Representative and Account Manager onboard each..
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Sales assistance
Providing support and guidance to customers that are actively looking to make a purchase can generate significant returns.
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Customer acquisition
Acquiring new customers is the lifeblood of any business. Knowing who to target, when, where and how is crucial to
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Sales management
Sales management will ensure you automate the sales process, multiply your online channels and sell more. This means that we
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Influencer Marketing
Struggling to establish yourself as a Linkedin influencer? We'll create content and provide outreach on your behalf so that...
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Business development strategy
Execute market research, competition analysis, and find the market gap. We help you to review product or service portfolios and
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Communication plan
Preparation of yearly communication plan and scripts. Also, align plans with the sales cycle. Execute letters, calls, and maintain follow
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Offer development
We develop high-quality offers development, describe use cases that hit customers. Solve customer troubles and make urgency to buy.
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Use cases development
The use case is primary information about your product and its possibility to use it in different industries and business
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Appointment Setting
Your dedicated sales development representative engages with your prospects on your behalf via Email and LinkedIn...
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New markets acquisition
All in one service for the acquisition of your product sales to a new market. First, we perform research, including
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CRM database expansion
Our crawling bots help you to develop the bigger volume of your cold leads database for your new customer’s acquisition
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Lead generation
Lead generation is a service that can provide you with a regular supply of potential interesting business contacts.
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Target audience
A target audience makes it easy for a business to find potential customers who are likely to be interested in
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Maya the illusion of the physical world
Maya means illusion. It is the personality's idea of "self". Everything we believe, all the concepts and programming of our mind is Maya.
The soul does not think or speak, but feels and knows
Feel your instincts and inner comfort. If the mind succeeds in interpreting the information of the soul, a discovery is born.
Resolve everything the occupy your mind
Get rid of everything you remember every day.Do not surround yourself with a collection of not resolved things. Resolve all things that...

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