• 1436, Astronomical tables

    Johannes Muller, the astronomer who invented astronomical tables that were designed to facilitate the calculation of planetary positions, lunar phases, eclipses and calendrical information.

    Tag: Invention, Astronomy

  • 1452, Leonardo DaVinci on scene

    Italian Leonardo da Vinci was an painter, sculptor, engineer, architect, scientist, and inventor conceiving hundreds of inventions in with usability across all known industries. Conscious person.

    Tag: Invention, Mechanics

  • 1452, The Bible

    The first book was published in Johann Gutenberg's printing press: The Bible, September 30.

    Tag: Invention, Education.

  • 1473, Copernicus

    Nicolaus Copernicus was famous for formulating a model of the universe with the sun at its center rather than the earth in February, 19.

    Tag: Invention, Astronomy.

  • 1487, Bell chimes

    The invention of the Bell chimes in January 30.

    Tag: Invention, Mechanics.

15th Century

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