• 1602, Atmospheric pressure

    Otto von Guericke invented the air pump and performed a number of experiments with it (including the "Magdeburg hemispheres" experiment) to prove the existence of atmospheric pressure. Tag: Invention, Mechanics
  • 1607, Harvard University

    John Harvard was a clergyman and scholar who founded Harvard University. Tag: Invention, Education
  • 1618, Light diffraction

    Mathematician and physicist Francesco M. Grimaldi discovered light diffraction. Tag: Invention, Math
  • 1620, Science of demography

    Statistician John Grant founded the science of demography. Tag: Invention, Demography
  • 1621, Telescope

    Galileo perfected his invention of the telescope. Tag: Invention, Astronomy
  • 1623, Calculator

    Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician and physicist who invented an early calculator. Tag: Invention, Math
  • 1625, Moons of Saturn

    Giovanni Cassini, a French astronomer who discovered the moons of Saturn. Tag: Invention, Astronomy
  • 1627, Boyle's Law

    Robert Boyle is the Irish physicist who wrote "Boyle's Law of Ideal Gasses." Tag: Invention, Physics
  • 1632, Microscope

    Antony van Leeuwenhoek was considered the father of microscopy because of the advances he made in microscope design and use. Tag: Invention, Science/Mechanics
  • 1635, Micrographia

    Robert Hooke was an English physicist and the first person to see micrographia by using a microscope. Tag: Invention, Physics
  • 1643, Gravity field

    Isaac Newton was a British physicist, mathematician, and astronomer most known for his discoveries in the field of gravity. Tag: Invention, Science
  • 1643, Newton on scene

    Isaac Newton was a noted physicist, mathematician, and astronomer who invented a telescope and developed many theories. Tag: Invention, Mechanics
  • 1656, Halley's Comet

    Edmond Halley was an English scientist who computed the orbit of Halley's Comet, which is where it got its name. Tag: Invention, Astronomy
  • 1660, bridge-building book

    Hubert Gautier was an engineer who wrote the first book on bridge-building. Tag: Invention, Construction/Mechanics
  • 1663, Steam engine

    Thomas Newcomen invented an improved steam engine. Tag: Invention, Mechanics
  • 1682, Telescope

    John Hadley invented the first reflecting telescope. Tag: Invention, Astronomy
  • 1686, Thermometer

    Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the thermometer. Tag: Invention, Medicine
  • 1690, Paper money

    The first paper money in America was issued in the colony of Massachusetts. Tag: Invention, Economy
  • 1692, Eelectrical capacitor

    Physicist Pieter van Musschenbroek invented the Leyden Jar-the first electrical capacitor. Tag: Invention, Physics
  • 1698, Force of repulsion

    Charles Francois de Cisternay Dufay was a French chemist who studied the force of repulsion, noting that most things could be electrified just by rubbing them and that materials conduct better when wet. Tag: Invention, Chemistry
17th Century

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