ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance System – is a set of different algorithms that interact with the driver and help him to control the vehicle. ADAS aims to increase traffic safety by informing the driver and attracting his attention. Another result of implementing such systems is the low cost of using the fleet. The fewer incidents on the road, the lower the repair costs.

How machine vision systems affect safety

A significant breakthrough related to computer vision and AI has taken place in the field of video surveillance, which is part of physical security. Intelligent video surveillance, video analytics, and biometrics have already surpassed the capabilities of even a professionally trained human being in many ways. The computer does not lose vigilance, does not tire, and does not get distracted – the human factor does not affect its work. Security and video surveillance systems equipped with computer vision algorithms make it possible to monitor the situation inside and outside the premises, inspect various objects, recognize and compare people’s faces, to conduct situational monitoring of the situation in public places and at transportation hubs.

What is ADAS

ADAS is a driver assistance system based on machine vision. ADAS aims to improve driving safety by informing the driver and attracting his attention. At a minimum, it is to alert the driver with an audible or vibration alarm to a likely or emerging risk that requires attention. At the most, it is an emergency self-decision by the system[1].

ADAS is distinguished by five levels: from zero (only the driver is involved in the control) to the fifth (fully autonomous driving), that is, the unmanned car is an extreme case of ADAS. In many countries at the moment, due to the lack of regulatory laws, it is difficult to develop any ADAS systems above the third class, implying automatic decision-making. This is primarily due to the uncertainty of the “legal” status of vehicles with a high degree of autonomy.


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