Advertorial is a type of hidden advertising that is disguised as an author’s article or journalistic material.

“Advertorial” means a text that is published as an advertisement. However, it is not an obvious advertisement, but an elaborate promotional message that is neatly integrated into the overall style of presentation of the content of a particular resource. Veiled advertising on behalf of an editorial can be more effective than classic shouty promotion, which is more likely to cause irritation than interest.

There are 4 kinds of advertorial.

  • In the press. Stylistically and thematically designed as standard content.
  • Social Advertorial. Advertising is veiled as socially important information.
  • News Advertorial. Structurally and stylistically designed as a news report.
  • From an opinion leader. An advertising message on behalf of a popular expert in his or her niche is integrated into his or her usual communication with the audience.

There are several regularities that can be used to recognize advertorials.
First, such content is often published under the headings “from the editorial board,” “tips,” “trends,” etc.
Second, there is no direct call to action or contact information for the brand the message is about.




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