The Big 5 Construct Southern Africa, previously African Construction Expo is a significant contributor to the economic growth, recovery, and transformation within Southern Africa’s construction industry with a special focus on facilitating buyer/seller face-to-face connections and showcasing the most innovative solutions for the region. The Big 5 Construct is a most influential event for Southern Africa’s construction industry

Join us at the Gallagher Convention Centre from 7 – 9 June 2022 to:

CONNECT with over 8,500 industry buyers and distributors
DISCOVER the most innovative products and technologies available
ENGAGE with public and private sector stakeholders over the most critical issues
LEARN about the latest trends, best practices,s and upcoming construction projects

Be inspired to create change in your city

Africa is ready to improve its position on the globe through Smart Cities Technology. The ultimate goal of a Smart City is transformational: to achieve an enhanced quality of life for citizens and deliver tangible benefits at national, provincial, and municipal levels.

The 5th annual African Smart Cities Summit will gather key smart cities stakeholders and facilitate growth through strategic thought leadership and inspiring case studies.

Taking place 7 – 9 June 2022 in Johannesburg, this exclusive gathering of key smart cities stakeholders will co-locate with the African Construction and Totally Concrete Expo and is one of the must-attend in the calendar.

Opening session

The popular Stakeholder Engagement Forum, in partnership with NAFBI, gathers the construction industry’s private and public sector stakeholders to tackle the industry’s most critical issues and find solutions.


The exclusive African Smart Cities Summit facilitates growth by exploring major trends, debating challenges and opportunities, and unveiling the innovations set to advance Africa’s cities.

CPD workshops

The African Construction & Totally Concrete Expo Talk Series delivers world-class educational programs and CPD accredited knowledge-sharing sessions.

Interactive sessions

Discussions taking place during the Smart and Concrete Talks will ensure visitors are provided with the knowledge and solutions to improve their everyday work life.

Benefits of participating in a hybrid event

Which will enable you to reach a wider audience and facilitate networking:

  • A unique opportunity to connect with prospects via a video calling platform
  • Buyers and prospects will be able to request meetings with sponsors and exhibitors through their digital booths
  • The digital booth enables exhibitors to host collateral, be it brochures, videos, demos. This information can be accessed and downloaded at any time by attendees
  • Engage with hundreds of buyers and prospects and schedule meetings ahead of, at or post-event

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