The Amazon Forest has enjoyed the highest respect for the last decades. The granting of human rights to nature is a modern way of achieving its highest protection. Until now, in New Zealand, the sacred Taranaki, or the Te Urewera National Park, is the most prominent. But 2018 is also a breakthrough for a whole other area of our planet. The Amazon Forest has long enjoyed the protection and the highest protection after long years of struggle for its protection.

The Colombian Supreme Court has just decided to grant “human rights” to the Amazon rainforest. Colombia is becoming the first South American country to give the highest tropical rainforest on the planet the highest possible protection the same as the natural people in the world. In addition to “human rights”, the Amazon Forest of Colombia has also commissioned a plan to address deforestation and climate change in the country.

Clean environment

A historical milestone in the protection of the Amazon rainforest in Colombia has been achieved by the people themselves. In particular, the campaign of 25 young activists who “fought” for this act with the Colombian authorities for several years. Part of the Amazonian forest, which belongs to Colombia, does not become officially human but acquires certain inalienable rights. “The environment and the ecosystem determine the fundamental rights to life, health, freedom, and human dignity. Without a clean environment, one can not survive, “the Colombian Supreme Court said.

Colombia is, therefore, the first Amazon country to have taken the protection of the largest tropical rainforest really seriously. Legal protection protects activists and nature conservationists from suing anyone (a physical person or company) on behalf of the Amazon Forest for acts to blame against the ecosystem. Such legal protection would in the future be the most effective way of ending unsustainable environmental pollution or deforestation of tropical forests.



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