Cities of the Future powered by the Cloud

Cities in the cloud have to benefit all. Get the technology and the support you need to realize your vision.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) involve connecting smart devices and systems—in diverse sectors such as transportation, energy, manufacturing, and healthcare—in fundamentally new ways. These technologies will enable cities and communities to improve services, promote economic growth, and enhance the quality of life. Many of today’s smart city/community development efforts are isolated and customized projects, so NIST launched the Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC) to encourage collaboration and the development of standards. GCTC will help communities benefit from the experience of others to improve efficiency and lower costs. The GCTC program enables local governments, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, technologists, and private corporations from all over the world to form project teams or “action clusters,” and “SuperClusters,” to work on groundbreaking Internet of Things (IoT) applications within the smart city and community environment.

We have organized the solutions available in the AWS Marketplace, so you can easily understand, test, and adopt technologies that will transform your city.


Solutions that explore the opportunities provided by first and last-mile vehicles including shared, low speed, and autonomous. It also focuses on building vibrant communities around transfer points and mobility hubs and addresses how these vehicles and hubs can play a role in the last-mile delivery of packages, and other freight.

Public Safety

Solutions that enable first responders, public safety officials, and government agencies, to improve situational awareness before, during, and after an incident or civil emergency in order to protect human life, maintain community functions and infrastructure, and ensure public safety.

Energy, Water, and Environment

These solutions explore ways of increasing city resilience in water, energy, and waste management. It includes, but is not limited to: increase efficiency of water and energy management, conservation of water and energy, innovative metering technologies, zero waste, and weather analytics.

City-Data Dashboard

Data (its collection, analysis, and integration into a decision support platform) makes a city smart. These solutions explore the common set of things to measure and understand so cities can apply the data to address unique challenges regardless of the size, governance, or location.

Public sector innovation is moving faster than ever before, delivering cloud-connected thinking that is revolutionizing cities across the world. Harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more. Today, realize your vision and deliver a better future for all.

Across transportation, healthcare, the environment, and more, AWS is how visions big and small are becoming a reality for citizens. Explore the latest success stories.

Cities Powered by the Cloud

The public sector needs to be on the front line of innovation.

It must help citizens access real-time information online and make sure the justice system is available to all across multiple digital platforms. It needs to empower healthcare with the necessary technology resources to find new solutions, fast, and make sure that transportation remains efficient even under duress.

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Technology that enables your vision

With AWS, you can build whatever your city needs quickly, efficiently, and affordably. What sort of technology trailblazer will you be?

An open data wizard

Share any volume of data with as many people as you want and use the community’s unique insights, expertise, and technology to help solve problems with better solutions. The potential is limitless.

A machine learning master

Build, train, and deploy machine learning fast. AWS has the broadest and deepest set of machine learning and associated services for your organization, which is why more machine learning happens on AWS than anywhere else. Harness that power today.

An AI ace

Add artificial intelligence (AI) to your applications. It can enhance the customer experience in a contact center, automate content moderation in media, improve healthcare analytics, forecast demand more accurately, and much more.

An IoT innovator

With the Internet of Things (IoT), you can connect devices and sensors, and collect, store, and analyze device data. See how you can use IoT in your city.



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