Infrastructure development of charging stations for electric cars Flexpower

Infrastructure development of charging stations for electric cars Flexpower


Preparation of urban infrastructure for the distribution of electric vehicles


The city government, in anticipation of the increased use of electric vehicles,
is developing a network of charging stations and the technology by which they operate. Charging
stations operate at optimum capacity, depending on the load on the
power grid. By regulating the charging speed of electric vehicles, it is possible to avoid peak loads on the grid and serve drivers as quickly as possible. In addition, energy for these charging stations is generated by a wind farm located near the city.
Based on the results of the successful completion of the pilot, developers are looking for scalability.

86.5% of all-electric cars charge faster. The faster off-peak charging rate compensates for slower charging during peak hours.
89.6% of hybrid cars cannot charge faster, and slower charging can worsen battery performance

200 Charging Stations
8,000 Unique users
45% increase in average charging speed


Government and business: increasing the attractiveness of green transportation

Citizens: improving quality of life

March 2017 Launch of the pilot
October 2018 Finding ideas to scale


electric vehicles




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