Laura Negron is New York City’s first Chief Privacy Officer appointed by mayor Bill de Blasio. The position was created to strengthen and coordinate responsible data-sharing practices across the city and to further improve how the city uses data to develop responsible and fair policies. The newly created position positions New York City as a leader in the data privacy policy. The chief privacy officer will work across city agencies and departments to advance new citywide protocols related to collecting, disclosing, and retaining individually identifiable information; guide agencies and streamline new policies and procedures within a centralized administration.


To facilitate the process of coordinating data sharing of data and improve data utilization


The Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City has appointed the city’s first-ever Chief Privacy Officer (CPO), Laura Negron. The CPO will be responsible for improving data sharing processes, approving and promoting citywide protocols for collecting, disclosing, and storing information, and promoting information sharing within the law, including in cross-divisional city projects

2018: Creating a legal framework for data sharing between city agencies

Purpose CPO

“New York City is taking comprehensive steps to protect the privacy of personal information, and the appointment of a chief privacy officer reaffirms our commitment to New Yorkers and their privacy,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “With decades of experience and a burning passion for privacy law, Laura is ideally suited to lead our privacy efforts and ensure that we continue to make smart data-driven decisions to improve the lives of New Yorkers.”

Currently, there are many ways in which New york smart city agencies obtain and share data. Examples of other projects that require interagency coordination include HOME-STAT, a program to combat homelessness on the streets, and Get Covered NYC, which aims to help more New Yorkers register for and receive health insurance benefits. Through data-focused efforts and outreach, nearly 80,000 New Yorkers were enrolled in new health insurance plans between February 2017 and January 2018, surpassing the city’s original goal of 50,000. The CPO office will build on the existing framework to further improve data privacy and efficiency in the city.

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