Apps (application programs) – Different programs are used to work with different types of information. The totality of software that allows solving various user tasks for processing different types of information without resorting to programming is called application software.
Application software simplifies the interaction of the computer user with different types of information. Application programs are also called applications.

According to the type of tasks to be solved, application programs are usually divided into two classes:

  • Basic application software;
  • Specialized software.


Basic application software

General-purpose applications are usually referred to as this group of software regardless of the subject area of the problem being solved. So for the processing of text information, and no matter what the text is about, text editors are used.
General-purpose applications are available to almost every computer user. The group of basic application software includes:

text editors – are used to working with text information;
Tabular editors – used for calculations;
database management systems – are a software environment for creating and managing data arrays;
presentation editors – used for designing materials that accompany public speeches;
graphic editors – the main purpose of these programs is to create and edit graphic images;
multimedia players – applications for playing audio and video files.

Usually, software manufacturers release general-purpose programs as a single package in which file contents can be exchanged. For example, Microsoft releases a package of office applications Microsoft Office, which includes text editor Word, spreadsheet editor Excel, database management system Access, and PowerPoint presentation editor.

Specialized application software

The capabilities of specialized application software are limited to the subject area. This class of products is designed to work in various professional fields. Examples of specialized software are:

mathematical packages – programs for performing complex mathematical calculations, such as solving equations, determining integrals, derivatives (MathCad, MathLab);
accounting programs – designed for accounting, tax accounting, cash accounting, payroll (1C accounting);
publishing systems – designed for preparation of printed production, allow make-up, editing, design of newspapers, magazines, books (Adobe PageMaker)
Computer-aided design systems are used for industrial design of various mechanisms, parts and systems (AutoCad, Compass);
geographic information systems – intended for creation of high-tech geographic and thematic maps;
Expert systems accumulate knowledge of specialists in a certain subject area and help users to make decisions.



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