• There is everything in the field of options space, but only the optimal and least energy-intensive options get realized.
  • Nature does not waste energy.
  • It is necessary to develop the habit of choosing the simplest possible solution to a problem.
  • Whenever do you need to find a solution, ask yourself: which is the easiest way to find a solution? Choose the easiest way to find it.

When you got stacked by the impossibility of solving some problem or task try to use the solution that I am calling “auto-resolution”. Sit down in a quiet place, breathe for 10 minutes, and get into a relaxation state. Then raise the task inside your brain. Explain to him in your mind what’s going on and at the end – raise the request like “hey brain – solve it”. Once you place the task to him – leave it. Forget on it for some time. For 100% it can come immediately, or tomorrow morning, or after the week, but your brain will automatically come with a solution and it will be really simple. Tested many times. It works.

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