Testing an autonomous shuttle bus powered by 5G


South Korean mobile operator LG U+, together with Seoul National University and Automos, participated in a test launch of an unmanned shuttle bus in Siheung City in October 2021. The program was initiated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation.

During the tests, the shuttle ran a route of about five kilometers. The test took place at night when the roads were free.

LG U+ provided an autonomous 5G control tower platform and vehicle-to-vehicle communication (V2X) that will enable the shuttle to interact with transportation infrastructures such as traffic lights and road signs. Seoul National University will provide the vehicle control algorithms, and Automos will provide the shuttles themselves.


The use of technology can reduce vehicle waiting times, and improve safety on the roads, including eliminating blind spots.

Project Announcement:

May 2020

Technology: 5G
Geography: South Korea, Seheung
Developer: LG Uplus (LG U+)



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