Startup BeiT is an innovator in building management, fundamentally digitizing it and thus transferring it to the 21st century. They use the latest technology, including IoT energy consumption metering online. In addition, BeiT builds a management information system (ERP), advanced analytical and billing tools enabling online energy consumption outputs metering in a mobile application for their end-users.

BeiT's digital platform of the future for apartment buildings

BeiT already helps to manage over 25,000 homes and 400 buildings. BeiT founder and CEO Miro Hachlinec have already completed projects in the area of innovative technologies, software, and hardware. However, he wanted to create something truly unique with a major societal impact. He discovered the space in the building administration that forced the creation of the BeiT startup and its “Building account” product.

“In the last decades, nothing fundamental has changed regarding optimization in the building management industry. No digitization, reporting once a year, and many other relics of the analog era. Where else can you get financial statements on paper only once a year? Moreover, without transparency, analytics, or the possibility of informed energy consumption management? At the same time, it is a financial volume of about 25% of total household expenditure. So we have decided to change this unhappy situation. Therefore, the European Union has reached similar conclusions and has approved the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), which will soon mandate digitization and regular reporting. So change in this industry awaits us, whether we like it or not,” says Miro Hachlinec.

The BeiT mobile application displays energy costs and all services, including other information from home management. The data is connected directly to the administrator’s ERP (enterprise resource planning) system. All information thus meets digitally. The company believes in autonomous technologies and digital tools that provide building managers with efficiency and modern services. At the same time, it allows apartment occupants to easily decide on complex situations that arise in their house throughout the life of the building.

Therefore, the Building Account is one of the few solutions on the market that is completely ready to implement the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). For example, it stipulates that from 25 October 2020, all new energy meters must be remotely readable. And residents will have to be provided with reports on the consumption of selected energy in the apartment per month in the local currency.

(NOT) Ready for the future

According to data from building management companies, many building or housing cooperative managers and energy suppliers are not ready for the digital age, online reporting of energy consumption in currency, and modern tools for interaction with the client. Therefore, administrators cannot meet the growing expectations of their clients for a long time and offer modern services that clients already commonly use in other life situations, even in cases where customers are willing to pay extra for new services.

Startup BeiT provides a solution to this situation. Its technologies use autonomous transmission and control modules to connect to any energy measurement and thus create a cleverly managed house. For example, they can optimize and accumulate energy based on a range of data from supply or consumer behavior. The result is not only modern and transparent services, energy optimization but, above all, significant cost savings on the part of residents, houses, and administrators themselves. All information is compiled from a huge amount of data and rules into simple, understandable, and accessible outputs in a mobile application. Above them, all participants can lead everyday interactions in the digital world.

SBD Praha, one of Prague’s largest real estate managers, is one of the first to introduce a building account. It manages more than 300 apartment buildings and 20,000 apartments. “The building account primarily brings a high degree of automation and work productivity. Thanks to this, we want to reduce costs significantly and at the same time bring our clients innovative service quality, which they have been asking us for a long time. However, due to outdated technological infrastructure and rigid working procedures, we have not yet been able to meet them,” explains Martin Kroh, Chairman of the Board of SBD Prague.

About BeiT

BeiT is an innovator in the field of digital real estate management and energy distribution. The company uses the latest technologies for smart building management, including the use of the Internet of Things (IoT). The company also develops its equipment, data networks, database systems, comprehensive ERP (enterprise resource planning) software for property managers, and mobile applications to collect and store building costs efficiently. BeiT has an extensive team in the field of software and hardware and IoT data networks. It simplifies the work of building managers and allows end-customers a regular live view of current energy and service costs in a web browser and mobile application. It thus streamlines the entire process of monitoring and analyzing expenses, administrative and service tasks, and technical administration of any building, regardless of its age.

BeiT Smart Grid



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