Bentley will launch its first electric model in 2025, and in five years will switch to an all-electric car lineup as part of a bold new business strategy to become a “global leader in eco-friendly luxury mobility.”

While today’s engine lineup includes big V8 or W12 engines, in ten years this formerly conservative luxury car maker will have to offer only pure electric cars. The company announced this at a press conference on Thursday, along with a plan called Beyond100 to guide the brand beyond the centennial it celebrated last year.

As part of the plan, Bentley has also pledged to reduce the environmental impact of its Crewe plant by 75 percent from 2010 levels within five years.

“Since 1919, Bentley has defined luxury travel. Being at the forefront of progress is part of our DNA. Bentley’s first men were pioneers and leaders. Now we will once again be the global benchmark for luxury cars,” said Adrian Hallmark, head of the brand.

“The most important thing is not just to produce electric cars. We have to make Bentleys. We have to take 100 years of Bentley DNA and put it in a modern context,” he added.

The brand will achieve full electrification in stages. The company will launch two new plug-in hybrids in 2021, in addition to the existing Bentayga Hybrid model, as part of an earlier commitment to offer a plug-in version for each model by 2023. According to British publication Autocar, Bentley’s next plug-in hybrid will be the Flying Spur limousine, which will use Porsche’s Panamera 4 E-Hybrid technology.electric cars

The shape of Bentley’s first pure electric car is unknown. However, the British will use an entirely new platform and there is speculation about a crossover in the style of the Jaguar I-Pace. An electric touring coupe was introduced by last year’s EXP 100 GT concept.


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