Accreditation- Certification of professional competence by an authorized body, giving the right to engage in a certain type of activity. For example accreditation of scientific organizations by the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology.

Currently, the field of information technology is developing rapidly, the market for these services is growing, the demand for specialists in this area has increased, and new digital products are appearing.

This process was initially provoked by the lockdown and the mass transition of workers to remote work. Due to recent events in the world, the authorities of our country are more interested than ever in supporting this industry by providing it with new guarantees and benefits.

Conditions for accreditation as an IT-company
Paragraph 4 of government resolution No. 929 dd. 18.06.2021 “On State Accreditation of Organizations Acting in the Field of Information Technology” sets the conditions for IT companies to receive state accreditation. Only Russian companies, regardless of their organizational and legal status and form of ownership, may be accredited. At the same time, these legal entities must be engaged in IT activities and comply with at least one of the following conditions

develop and sell the developed software programs for computers, and databases on a tangible medium or in the form of an electronic document through communication channels, regardless of the type of contract
provide services or perform work to develop, adapt, modify computer programs, databases, software, and information products of computer technology, install, test, and maintain computer programs and databases.
The Ministry of Digital Development, Communications, and Mass Media (MIDC) decides whether the firm passed or failed state accreditation. When deciding on state accreditation the authorized person of the Ministry establishes whether the legal entity complies with the above requirements.

It is worth mentioning that private entrepreneurs also have the right to carry out activities in the field of information technology, but the legislator does not provide for the accreditation of such persons.

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