New Markets Acquisition all in one service for the acquisition of your product sales to a new market. First, we perform research, including mystery shopping and interviews, and define customers’ needs. Then we prepare product descriptions and materials in the local language. The last steps in the preparation of sales strategy, sales cycle, presales strategy, and sales approach are based on the culture specifics. As the last step, we prepare sales scripts and presentations in the local language and either handover them over to your sales department or execute the work on the local market.






A short guide to leaving the illusion of life
A short guide to leaving the illusion of life by a few steps. Breathing, Grounding, Concentration, Blissfulness, Heeling.
Stages to raise a civil conflict
I see, and I feel that current governments balance the second and third stages. Something is wrong with our society. Politics don't listen.
Root of everything should be simple
Everything and every problem have a simple solution.You just have to believe in it and see it from the proper side. By the subconscious way.

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