Sales assistance – providing support and guidance to customers that are actively looking to make a purchase can generate significant returns. Our sales assistance services are designed to ensure that customers access a sales expert in whichever channel they use. As a result, they will typically increase revenues versus a purely self-service sales journey by actively answering questions about products and services, making recommendations, and suggesting associated products. Additionally, our advisors increase customers’ sales revenue by supporting their Inbound & Outbound, E-commerce, M-commerce, and Social Selling activities during on & off-line purchase journeys.






Mahabharata. The epic, or part of history?
The Mahabharata is an ancient Indian epic where the main story revolves around two branches of a family...
When and how to use “mirroring” in communication
Gestures, expressions, postures, pitch or tone of the partner are imitated both in personal communication between partners or in the family...
The soul does not think or speak, but feels and knows
Feel your instincts and inner comfort. If the mind succeeds in interpreting the information of the soul, a discovery is born.

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