A zero-carbon city runs entirely on renewable energy; it has no carbon footprint and will in this respect not cause harm to the planet.

A zero-carbon city runs entirely on renewable energy; it has no carbon footprint and in this respect does not harm the planet.
Most of the world’s cities produce energy by burning coal, oil, and gas, unintentionally releasing carbon. Almost every human activity involves burning one of these fossil fuels. To become a zero-carbon city, a modern city must collectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero and stop all activities that emit greenhouse gases. In addition, renewable energy must displace other non-renewable energy sources and become the only source of energy, so a zero-carbon city is a city with renewable energy and an economy. This transition, which includes the decarbonization of electricity (increasing the importance of renewable energy sources) and zero-emission transportation, is in response to climate change.
ZC cities support optimal living conditions and economic development while eliminating environmental impacts. Instead of using existing cities, many developers are starting from scratch to create a ZCC. This way, they can make sure that every aspect of the city contributes to making it carbon neutral.




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