These days every day, we create the volume of information that equals the volume produced during the whole history of our civilization. We can measure the volume of daily information created by people in Exabytes. In our civilization’s history, there has never been so much thinking available and, at the same time, never been so much disbalance on the planet.

Absurdystan Beyond thinking

With the understanding of natural principles, we are probably breaking the balance by thinking and solving one problem. By solving one problem, we create another two, as the system of nature automatically tries to balance it. This process is isolating us from more lovely and sense-full experiences of life. Our thinking and actions should be brought into the balance of being again.

We want changes and stability at the same time. Our hearts are separated from the spiral of life, from the law of change, because our thinking mind is moving us into stability, secureness, and calming the senses – but it is an illusion.

With really sick interest, we watch murders, violence, tsunami, earthquakes, and wars. We are constantly forcing our minds and charging them with information. Television and other media attack us everywhere and on all devices; they play games with us by creating puzzles, text messages, and similar trivial things around us. We allow ourselves to be in hypnosis by the endless flow of mindful pictures, new information, and new ways to make the mind busy and calm down the sense.

At the moment of inner silence, our spirit can show us that life is much more interesting than our being. We live in a world of hungry ghosts with endless thirst and who never get satisfied.

We created the real network of data-flowing around the planet that makes more and more necessity of thinking about how to repair the world and solve problems that exist only by the existence of our mind – the mind that creates that world. Thinking made a big mess. We fight against sickness, enemies, and problems. By this approach, we create a paradox that everything against what we are fighting continues to exist. So the more we are trying to be resistant against something, the more powerful it gets and the more stable it is.

So, what’s should be the alternative to our thinking? What kind of thinking should we use to exist on this planet? In the last centuries, western culture was focused on research and analysis of the material world. But, the ancient civilizations worked out even more difficult technologies to understand the inner world (space). Especially this disconnection of our inner world and our outer world imbalanced our planet.

The old expression of “know yourself” was replaced by the wish to research and understand the outer world. In Buddhism, it is known that we are not simply content with our consciousness. To collect minds and ideas is possible only because behind the minds, there is someone who is the witness of those minds.

The egoistic self-definition tries to find the answer and the goal, but the truth is that “who you are” in absolute understanding does not require the exact answer because all questions are created only by the egoistic mind. You are not your mind. So the actual meaning is not to find more answers but to have fewer questions.

Professor of literature Joseph Campbel said: I don’t believe that people search for the purpose of life, but they search for the experience to remain alive.

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