After I spent some time with the topic I have returned back to my usual life, and forget about it. Although, again and again, returns in my mind and raises hundreds of questions. Now, I feel that I am ready to move on. My nervous soul requires me to push it out through me, through my personal obsession of searching the secret – the biggest secret of our civilization, of the universe.

Absurdystan Blessed or foolish. Does not matter

I know, that I am, and we are able to decrypt the secret and find the single source of truth, although I also know that to reach it, we need to change ourselves at the first, starting from myself. I would like to tell the story of changing the way that people serve from consumption to education-based. I would like to tell the story about the optimal government and economics systems based on self-organization principles, also sometimes called anarcho-capitalism. I would like to tell the story of how simple is to change the way that people serve via the simple manipulation method of Overton windows (by that any way we are getting manipulated these days), and finally, I would like to rise up the first notes about the integration API between the Quantum field and the data information of matter.

I give the sacrifice to be tagged – he’s a fool – I have reconciled with it carefully, and I feel the freedom to tell the story without doubts. I feel good, I feel free, I feel blessed to tell the story of how can I come to that a how to realize the transformation, starting from myself.

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