Art of Consciousness

Artificial intelligence presents the future

Gopro selfies during a gladiator battle
Midjourney selfies gladiators in battle
Why have designers and artists in the world now when Midjourney exists?
city skylines
Cities Skylines – best urban simulator
In many games, you are often asked to win. Usually by military means. In urban planning simulations, it’s different. Enjoy
Sid Meier's Civilization
Sid Meier’s Civilization 5
History of the Sid Meier’s Civilization series (1991-2016) 1. Civilization – 1991 2. Sid Meier’s Colonization – 1994 3. Civilization
Smart cities visualised in expression by a full abstraction
Images generated by Mid journey Artificial Intelligence using keywords related to a “smart city poster in a total abstraction”.
vision of green cities efficient system and stress-less life
Vision of green cities, efficient system and stress-less life
Images generated by Mid journey AI directed by keywords “The vision of Smart Cities is to make cities’ environment green...
Factorio steam
Factory Building Simulator
The game of the year is Factorio steam: Factory Building Simulator, setting up an insane amount of supply chains, genocidal






Learned patterns of behavior that harm us in some way
Learned patterns of behavior are supposed to simplify our lives because they allow us not to learn the same thing over and over again.
About core nature, environment and education
When I talk about the core nature in us - I speak about consciousness. When I talk about the transformation of the environment - I speak...
Deliberately ignore negative situations
Try to find the positive in every negative situation. Wake up at unpleasant circumstances, assess the importance, and change your attitude.

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