Bout - On-demand boat service


Improve access to islands and waterfronts in the Helsinki metropolitan area


Bout is a commercial P2P platform for organizing boat transportation on demand. Its development is supported by the Helsinki’s smart mobility program and is one of several pilot projects testing new mobility concepts in the metropolis.

The platform has already been dubbed “Uber of boats,” as it makes it easy to book low-cost boat rides through a mobile app. Boating drivers act as entrepreneurs for whom Bout provides a platform to sell the service.

The new service will greatly improve access to islands and waterfronts in the Helsinki metropolitan area, which has a very distinctive marine environment:
there are 465 islands in the maritime region. Helsinki is also actively
developing the islands as recreational destinations.


State and business: increasing economic activity on islands and waterfronts

September 2018 First test runs
October 2018 Start of piloting
Spring 2019 Commissioning



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The mind has a will but is incapable of controlling external intention. The soul is able to feel its identity with external intention but has no will.




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