In-car navigation systems have become popular over the years in new smart cars because they are fully integrated into the dashboard and are harder for people to try and steal. Such a system is also covered by a vehicle’s bumper-to-bumper warranty.

But even with this, there have been some concerns with regards to such systems. Drivers often complain that such systems are inaccurate and that they take a while to load up. They also argue that these systems often produce incorrect readouts as they are hard to update at times. Some also have a tough time controlling some of the features inside a system.

It can even be tough to get updates without having to either insert an SD card or another drive into the system. The fact that some units require people to pay extra just to get them updated may also frustrate drivers. This in turn causes people to get third-party navigation system devices that might cost a good deal of money and have to be installed through a proper port on the vehicle’s dashboard.

The issues that come with in-car navigation systems are clearly strong. With this in mind, car companies are doing what they can to make such systems work better and run more efficiently.

In-car navigation systems are being redesigned and organized to be stronger and more efficient. The goal for such companies is to make their navigational aids more effective for people without prompting them to buy other systems from outside parties.

Motion Sensors Work

Motion sensors operate in many in-car navigation systems. Such sensors identify factors like the vehicle’s speed, items near the vehicle, and changes in the vehicle’s direction, altitude, and much more. Gyroscopes and accelerometers read data on where a vehicle is in a more accurate and controlled fashion.

Smartphone Support

The ability of a navigation system to link up to a smartphone is a necessity for car companies as more people are using such devices while in their vehicles. With smartphone support, it becomes easier for a vehicle to load data on navigation features to a mobile device. This would entail Bluetooth support in particular.

An in-car system would use a Bluetooth antenna to interact with a smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device. It links up with a particular application that connects to the in-car system. The app lets the user enter information into the navigation feature through the phone. The data then syncs up to the vehicle.

This makes for an easier-to-use interface for getting data out to the car system. It also works with fully updated maps loaded on a smartphone through a basic map app.

Share Information With Others

In-car systems can even share data on one’s travels with other people. A Bluetooth connection between the vehicle system and a phone forwards information on where the driver is in real-time. This allows people to figure out where the driver is. The driver has the option to forward information on one’s approximate arrival time to another person as well. This is a feature that BMW has been using in many of its navigation systems.

Detailed Directions

Today’s map applications provide drivers with highly detailed directions to guide them to their destinations. This gives them information on which roads they must take to reach certain spaces. In-car navigation systems feature more details in their approaches by providing people with turn-by-turn routes. Data on specific road names and numbers are also applied in such systems.

Wi-Fi Is Important

Wi-Fi connections also provide a simplified approach to updates. A Wi-Fi setup links the vehicle to a network where the unit downloads new map data. No additional memory cards work as the updates go through provided there is a firm link between the Wi-Fi system and the navigation system. Drivers can expect to see more Wi-Fi features in their vehicles as the technology becomes more commonplace.

In-car navigation systems do not have to be second-rate models when new technology is considered. Updates to the technology in such systems put these in-car systems on par with other systems that have to be bought separately and installed onto the vehicle.



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