“Absurdistan” is a term used to describe a fictional country or situation that is characterized by extreme absurdity, irrationality, or chaos. It is often used satirically or humorously to criticize real-world situations or policies that are seen as ridiculous or illogical.

The term “Absurdistan” is derived from the word “absurd,” which refers to something that is illogical, irrational, or senseless. The term has been used in literature, film, and popular culture to describe a variety of absurd or surreal scenarios, ranging from bureaucratic incompetence and political corruption to existential crises and surrealistic landscapes.

It’s worth noting that while “Absurdistan” is a term that can be used in a humorous or satirical context, it can also be seen as insensitive or inappropriate if used to make light of real-world situations that are causing suffering or harm.


November 17, 2021 ABSURDYSTAN
Fractal flower visualization of the Akasha – the quantum field

Cognize the energy around the awakened existence leading to the knowledge of God’s word inside yourself and the field of Akasha.


November 17, 2021 ABSURDYSTAN
The spiral form of the Milky Way galaxy

The characteristic of Spiral is that every part is a reflection of the whole. It is the symbol-focused cosmic energy and the initial matter.

Absurdystan Prologue

An alternative study of our civilization strategy about the population’s evolution and mandatory requirements for human life sustainability.