Companies and associations use the value of sustainability and the green factor for the promotion of business. The most critical influencers of a better citizen’s life.

A smart city influencer is an individual or organization that has a significant impact on shaping and promoting the development of smart cities. Smart city influencers may include policymakers, urban planners, academics, technology providers, industry experts, and community leaders.

Smart city influencers play a key role in driving the adoption of innovative technologies and solutions that can improve the quality of life and sustainability of cities and communities. They may advocate for policies and regulations that support the development and deployment of smart city technologies, provide thought leadership and expertise in the field, or facilitate collaboration and partnerships between government, businesses, academic institutions, and citizens.

Smart city influencers may also use their influence to raise awareness and educate citizens about the benefits and opportunities of smart cities, and to promote citizen engagement and participation in the development and implementation of smart city initiatives.

Overall, smart city influencers are essential for advancing the adoption and implementation of smart city technologies and solutions, and for ensuring that they are aligned with the needs and preferences of citizens and communities.