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November 15, 2021 SOLUTIONS
Real-time decision support systems for city management CityKeys

Solution allows cities to move towards a sustainable transformation while spending less public resources and improving services for citizens.

Tata Communications Smart City Solution

Internet of Things (IoT), opening doors to a connected world. Tata Communications is at the forefront of IoT development in India…

Montem Smart City Solution

Building Cities of the future. MONTEM develops intelligent infrastructure for different sectors on municipality and national levels.

Infosys Smart City Solution

Smart Cities requires integrated management of the economic, social, and infrastructure aspect of urbanization with the use of advanced…

Itron Smart City Solution

A portfolio of smart software, services, meters, and sensors helps our customers better manage energy and water for the people they serve.

IKE Smart City Solution

IKE Smart City do free advertising to local and independent businesses, as well as non-profits to deliver value throughout communities.

Orange Smart City Solution

“Welcome to my city” is the Orange web and mobile-based urban services platform was created to make life easier for citizens and tourists.

EY Smart City Solution

EY smart city initiative considers needs of its people and stakeholders. While data drive efficiencies, to maximize needs of stakeholders.

ATOS Smart City Solution

Atos Smart Cities incorporates Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into the city’s fabric for better citizens’ experience.

Schneider Electrics Smart City Solution

Buildings are a core component of Schneider Electrics smart city. From dining, shopping, and sleeping to learning, working and recovering.

SAP Smart City Solution

SAP Smart City concept says that government and the companies that serve the city’s citizens must undergo their own changes to keep up…

IDC Smart City Solution

Smart City business issues are driving investment in emerging technologies such as analytics, artificial intelligence, the IoT,…

ORACLE Smart City Solution

This requires a deeper, broader approach to technology—one that fuels innovation and provides scalability to address future demands.

Amazon Smart City Solution

Cities of the Future powered by the Cloud Cities in the cloud have to benefit all. Get the technology and the support you need to realize your vision. Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) involve connecting smart devices and systems—in diverse sectors such as transportation, energy, manufacturing, and healthcare—in fundamentally new ways. These […]

IBM Smart City Solution

IBM’s Smart Cities management key functions: city services, citizens, business, transport, communication, water, and energy.

INTEL Smart City Solution

Intel® Vision Products provide AI solutions across a diverse set of products enabling cities to become smarter, safer, and more efficient.

McKinsey Smart City Solution

Sensor data and high-tech command centers promised a revolutionary new way to manage complex operations and automate infrastructure systems.

Microsoft Smart City Solution

Explore how AI is accelerating business transformation and helping to solve society’s greatest challenges from environmental sustainability.

Cisco Smart City Solution

Cisco Meraki enables state and local governments to implement smart initiatives that positively impact communities’ quality of life.

AT&T Smart City Solution

Smart City projects can increase citizen satisfaction and economic development, as well as improve safety and sustainability.

ABB Smart City Solution

Continuously evolving ecosystem, empowering individuals to live, work and move in a safer, smarter, and more sustainable way.

KPMG Smart City Solution

Interactive smart cities where technology and physical space come together to improve the quality of life for residents, boost economy.