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ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise, and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, together with the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), has unveiled a joint innovation lab at the online press conference on “High-Quality Development of 5G Messaging in China”. At the conference, the two parties have also jointly released China’s first 5G Messaging platform standards, including technical requirements, test standards, and evaluation system.

The joint innovation lab originated from ZTE Openlab and Mobile Internet Service Innovation Center of CTTL Terminal labs under CAICT, will mainly engage in information and communication technologies. While bringing the two parties’ respective advantages into full play, the lab aims to carry out all-around technical training, standard consulting, and test evaluation services for China’s 5G Messaging CSPs (communications service providers).

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The technical test evaluation services, provided by the joint lab, can assist the CSPs to verify the performance level of their 5G Messaging platforms. Such services will further improve the operation efficiency of industry customers and satisfy their personalized and diversified requirements.

5G Messaging plays an important role in the 5G ecosystem and digital economy, bringing great opportunity for the evolution of messaging service models. The joint lab will focus on developing a value system for the functional completeness of the 5G Messaging platform, thereby facilitating the high-quality development of 5G Messaging in China.

As a pioneer of the digital economy, ZTE, by virtue of 5G Messaging technical accumulation and rich commercial experience, gives full support to operators in the network construction and service development of 5G Messaging. Moreover, the company works with upstream and downstream partners in the industrial chain to jointly build a 5G Messaging application ecosystem.

Moving forward, ZTE and CTTL will be committed to the research and development of the 5G Messaging platform, application, and ecosystem, expecting to provide authoritative services and guidance for the selection of 5G Messaging platforms.

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