On August 13, the group company held a refining transformation and development promotion meeting to summarize and analyze the production and operation work since this year, and focus on the research and deployment of refining transformation and development work. Ling Yiqun, the deputy general manager of the group company, attended and delivered a speech, demanding that the refining business be grasped at the historical opportunity of the refining transformation and development, focused on the strategic direction of the transformation, based on the current situation, taking into account the long-term, and making every effort to advance the refining business to high quality first.

Ling Yiqun pointed out that the oil refining business is Sinopec’s advantageous industry and a vital part of its production and operation. Transformation and development are imperative, and structural adjustment is imminent. It is necessary to implement the decision and deployment of the Party Central Committee on accelerating the construction of a new development pattern, continue to promote supply-side structural reforms, and constantly adapt to market changes and industry trends. Strengthen the bottom-line thinking and actively resist the risks of prevention and control. Focus on tackling tough problems and create efficiency, and improve the sustainability of oil refining. Anchor the development and transformation direction of “oil conversion”, “oil conversion to special” and new energy integration, accelerate product structure adjustment, energy structure adjustment, hydrogen use structure adjustment, device structure adjustment, enterprise layout adjustment, management, and control method adjustment, and promote the refining business. To high quality. Leading cadres at all levels must conscientiously unify their thoughts and actions into the decision-making and deployment of the group company, and unswervingly promote the refining transformation and structural adjustment. Restructuring, stabilizing current benefits, focusing on risk prevention and control, ensuring safety and stability, and striving to make new and greater contributions to the group’s construction of a world-leading enterprise.

Heads of relevant departments and business units of the headquarters attended the conference at the main venue. Relevant persons in charge of refining and chemical enterprises, related professional companies, and scientific research and engineering units attended the conference.




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