Cities Skylines – introducing the best urban planning simulator ever!

Early, real-time games were not so exciting. Thus, one of the long-standing landmark projects, Heroes 3 or Warcraft. These games showed us that only the mouse is enough to have fun during gameplay.

As the years went by. The developers’ desires and ambitions skyrocketed. Many great projects were created, covering all possible activities.

But the most important of them always were and still are the CityBuilders. At the heart of which is the simplest at first glance, the strategy of developing their city. And the victory is the maximum development of the industry and the creation of the most outstanding and promising city in the virtual world.

“In many games, you are often asked to win. Usually by military means. In urban planning simulations, it’s different.”

City Planning Simulations

Cities Skylines

This drawing was drawn by an artificial intelligence on the key Cities Skylines

The main goal of city planning simulations is the process of development from a shanty town to a modern metropolis. Maybe at the beginning of the game, other players will annoy you, but most of the time you will have to deal with natural disasters or the needs of citizens. Often there is no military action. Urban planning simulations are suitable for those who like a quiet, relaxed game. In my opinion, they should be played by future Mayors, Managers, and people running the country.

City Planning Simulators run the same games as Tycoon. In them, you are invited to build and develop: to attract new visitors, lay the infrastructure, control the mood of the guests and create new entertainment. Just developing will become more and more tasks.

This concept is embedded in urban planning simulators. The process of the game is very similar, but the scale of course is not comparable. Instead of the amusement park, the entire city is under your control! There are several times more problems, the residents are more capricious, and the economy is more complicated.

“The goal of any city planning simulator is to create a thriving metropolis out of literally a couple of wooden houses. On your way, you will be a lot of difficulties and obstacles. But only the best Mayor will lead his people through difficulties to happiness.”

Among the modern city planning simulators, Cities Skylines is the best.

The game has won the hearts of millions of gamers thanks to its innovative mechanics and wide range of interaction possibilities.

  • Cities Skylines reviews
  • interesting mechanics;
  • freedom of action for the player;
  • installation of add-ons;
  • High level of realism.


Cities Skylines is an excellent representative of urban planning simulations. If you have a desire to build a prosperous city or you just want to play as mayor, play Skyline so your time will not be wasted.



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