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Use cases of Smart Cities development history.

Smart Cities’ journey is a long story that begins in a mid-4th millennium BC in Uruk, that’s the first city in recorded history. Uruk was an ancient city in the Sumer generation, later in the Babylonia emporium, and it also was one of the most important cities in ancient Mesopotamia.

The Uruk city was situated in the southern region of Sumer (modern-day Warka, Iraq), to the northeast of the Euphrates river. Since that, people started to centralize and begin the long way of the worldwide urbanization infrastructure.

Smart Cities Journey

Smart Cities terminus technicus was born in India as an ideology for better covering cities growing and development strategy. Later this “Smart City” term become well-connected with the global sustainable development goals that sent the future movement direction.

Cities Development Stages

  • 1989+ Experimental age of Smart Cities.
  • 2014+ Modern age of Smart Cities
  • 2021+ Innovation trends and Prediction of Smart Cities.

Experimental Age of Smart Cities

The ages of starting the digitalization of infrastructure and testing various telecommunication and internet network-based technologies for managing infrastructure queues, controlling environment behaviour, and increasing citizens’ comfort and the overall quality of city life.

Dubai UAE cities development history
2018, Dubai, UAE
Dubai is a regional, vibrant economic hub with strategically competitive sectors such as tourism, trade and logistics, real estate...
Delhi India cities development history
2014, Delhi, India
Indian cabinet green-lit a £10 billion scheme that will be divided equally between building 100 smart cities and rejuvenating another...
Amsterdam Netherlands 1997 cities development history
2011, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam's development as a smart city contributes to ambitious climate goals through technology-enabled sustainable solutions...
Manhattan USA cities development history
2010, Manhattan, USA
The Manhattan Harbour Project in tiny Dayton, Kentucky, is set to transform this river city. Manhattan Harbour's concept began...
Seoul Upgrade South Korea cities development history
2009, Seoul Upgrade, South Korea
Beyond its dominant status as the best global e-government globally for seven consecutive years, Seoul is now leaping forward as
New Songdo South Korea cities development history
2008, New Songdo, South Korea
Songdo is considered an extension of Incheon, a large international transportation hub that allows the city to be easily accessible
Osaka Japan cities development history
2008, Osaka, Japan
Osaka has prospered as a gateway from other countries with foreign trades and diplomatic relations since ancient times.
Masdar Abu Dhabi cities development history
2008, Masdar, Abu Dhabi
Many global cities are fast developing into resource-starved ecosystems, inefficient, unmanageable, and unsustainable...
Tianjin China cities development history
2007, Tianjin, China
Following earlier cooperation between China and Singapore on the Suzhou Industrial Park in China while benefiting from Singapore's...
Malta cities development history
2007, Malta
Here in Malta, IBM is building the world's first smart grid to govern electricity and water. It will also make
Dongtan China cities development history
2005, Dongtan, China
With the rapid urbanization in China, the country faces significant challenges in sustainable urban development and actively explores...
New York USA cities development history
2004, New York, USA
Geotechnologies and geospatial analysis are used to solve problems and improve conditions, using New York City as a "living laboratory."
Taipei Tchaj-wan cities development history
2004, Taipei, Tchaj-wan
To pursue the long-term goal of becoming one of the most leading smart cities globally, a smart city wheel and
Brisbain Australia cities development history
2004, Brisbain, Australia
Australian Government business portal as a whole-of-government website provides essential information on planning, starting, and growing...
Trikala Greece cities development history
2003, Trikala, Greece
The definition of telecare has changed over time as new technology has shaped the face of modern telemedicine. The basic
Stockholm Sweden cities development history
2002, Stockholm, Sweden
One growing example is the use of remote monitoring centers to provide assistance to the elderly, monitoring for any warning
Blacksburg Virginia USA cities development history
2001, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA
A geographic information system (GIS) is a system that creates, manages, analyzes, and maps all types of data. GIS connects
Barcelona Spain cities development history
2000, Barcelona, Spain
Since the Catalan Law on Transparency, Access to Public Information, and Good Governance was passed towards the end of 2014,
Hull United Kingdom cities development history
2000, Hull, United Kingdom
A geographic information system (GIS) is a computer system for capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to positions...
Cape Town South Africa cities development history
2000, Cape Town, South Africa
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is a combination of leading-edge information and communication technologies used in transportation..
Smart Dubai United Arabian Emirates cities development history
1999, Smart Dubai, United Arabian Emirates
Smart Dubai aims to introduce strategic initiatives and develop partnerships to contribute to its Smart Economy, Smart Living, Smart Gov...
Global Knowledge-based cities projects cities development history
1998, Global Knowledge-based cities projects
The smart and sustainable cities concept has become a globally hot topic during the last few decades, particularly following the
AOL global digitalization projects cities development history
1997, AOL global digitalization projects
Digital cities are being developed all over the world. Digital cities integrate urban information (both achievable and real-time ) and...
Amsterdam Netherlands cities development history
1997, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Urban public spaces are needed to sustain the productivity of cities, their social cohesion and inclusion, their civic identity, and...
Seoul South Korea 1997 cities development history
1997, Seoul, South Korea
More than anything else, the voluntary participation of Seoul citizens and the combination of new attempts and creative challenges utilizing..
Kyoto Japan cities development history
1996, Kyoto, Japan
Crowdsourcing involves obtaining work, information, or opinions from a large group of people who submit their data via the Internet...
Helsinki Finland cities development history
1995, Helsinki, Finland
It's preferable to see Smart Cities in this approach, with the use of technologies facilitating the interaction between different utilities..
Blue Gate Antwerp
Blue Gate Antwerp, Belgium
Antwerp is the second largest port in Europe and the 5th largest worldwide. It, therefore, plays an important economic role
Copenhagen Denmark cities development history
1989, Copenhagen, Denmark
With the deployment of intelligent solutions in their city for the past 30 years, Copenhagen is quickly becoming a leader




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