Top 10 Smart Cities in Asia

About Smart Cities ranking and benchmarking of top-10 smart cities in the US. The scale of city popularity in the area of innovation, greed deal strategy following, and active strategy on the level of life comfort of their citizens.

1 Tokyo Japan 8,336,599 3263 Tokyo Smart City
2 Singapore Singapore 5,841,427 3253 Singapore Smart City
3 Seoul South Korea 9,776,312 3341 Seoul Smart City
4 Songdo South Korea 167,346 3241 Songdo Smart City
5 Shenzen China 10,358,381 2657 Shenzen Smart City
7 Hong Kong China 7,485,188 2564 Hong Kong Smart City
8 Jakarta Indonesia 8,540,121 2323 Jakarta Smart City
9 Bangalore India 8,444,000 3135 TBD
10 New Delhi India 21,750,000 2580 TBD

Ranking and benchmarking

Ranking of cities and the quality of their technological, digital, and life quality development is a complex process that follows global market research as well as the direct, personal meaning of people living in top-rated cities.

  • Citizens

  • Business

  • Connectivity

  • Education

  • Environment

  • Energy

  • Government

  • Health-care

  • Municipality

  • Mobility

Participate on ranking

About Smart Cities executes internal professional research, and also via questionnaires with people like you. We will appreciate your feedback. Every voice is important and makes a better picture of where is the comfort level of our life.

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Top Smart Cities

About Smart Cities selected top cities in areas of popularity and quality of Smart City strategy development and execution. Follow the best of the best cities in the world.

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