London’s tech entrepreneurs to tackle capital’s challenges


To support innovative solutions, relevant solutions to urban problems.


The Civic Innovation Challenge (CIC) launched in June as part of the Mayor’s Smarter Roadmap.

London together. Out of 100 applicants, 14 were shortlisted to develop innovative solutions to the city’s most important social and environmental problems. The winner in each area will receive £15,000 for prototyping.

Seven areas were selected:

  • Dementia: combating dementia.
  • Urban mobility: reducing air pollution and the use of personal cars
  • Electric transportation: use of zero-emission transportation
  • Affordable housing: provision of affordable housing
  • Financial support: helping families struggling with low incomes
  • Loneliness and isolation: making London the most socially inclusive city in the world
  • Physical activity: making London the most physically active city in the world

£15 000 will be awarded to the winners to create a prototype project

Summary of results

State: solving current problems
Citizens: supporting startups, getting government contracts orders






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