Connecting apartment buildings to power grids will become cheaper due to the clarification of requirements for power grid companies. The decree on this was approved by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, reports YASIA with reference to the website of the Cabinet.

The document states that power grid organizations must extend the cable directly to the input distribution device (switchboard). Prior to this, technological connection measures were allowed to be carried out to the border of the land plot on which the house is located. This was fraught with additional costs for developers, led to an increase in the cost of housing for citizens.

The decree applies to land plots provided under an agreement on the integrated development of the territory. It is between the company planning to build the housing and the local authorities following an auction for the right to rent.

The decision made will make the technological connection procedure less costly, will reduce the cost of construction of apartment buildings, which means it will have a positive effect on the cost of housing in the primary market.



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